Orion Fans manufactures and stocks a variety of specialty fans for your specific applications. From spot-cooling to water-proof to high static environments – Orion Fans has the right solution.
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AC Fan Speed Control Unit

The dual channel phase control unit allows the user to control fan speed for single or multiple fan assemblies.
Part number: OA11/22


Vane Axial

High performance fans with superior airflow in high static pressure environments. Perfect for telecom, medical and industrial applications.

Available on the following DC Fans Series numbers:  OD1238VXC (120x38mm) (4.7"x1.5")OD9238VXC (92x38mm) (3.62" x 1.5")OD8038VXC (80x38mm) (3.15"x1.5")OD6038VXC (60x38mm) (2.36x1.5")

Vane Axial Sales Sheet
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High Performance

These fans deliver high CFM in a small frame package ideal for electronic enclosures, telecommunications and networking applications.

Available on the following Orion Fans Series numbers:
AC Fans –  OA109(XC) (120x38mm) (4.7"x1.5")OA172SAP(XC) (172x51mm) (6.7"x2")OA254(XC) (254x89mm) (10"x3.5")
DC Fans –  OD4028(XC) (40x28mm) (1.57"x1.1")OD1238(XC) (120x38mm) (4.7"x1.5")OD127(XC) (127x38mm) (5"x1.5")OD172SAP(XC) (172x150x51mm) (6.71"x5.9"x2")


Sealed Sleeve

A less expensive alternative to ball bearing fans, our sealed sleeve series of fans provide comparative life expectancy at a significant lower cost.

Sealed Sleeve Sales Sheet

OD1225 Sealed Sleeve Datasheet
OD1238 Sealed Sleeve Datasheet
OD4010 Sealed Sleeve Datasheet
OD4020 Sealed Sleeve Datasheet
OD6025 Sealed Sleeve Datasheet
OD8025 Sealed Sleeve Datasheet
OD9225 Sealed Sleeve Datasheet


SpotCool DIN Rail

Available only from Orion Fans, the new SpotCool DIN rail mount fan is the ideal solution for cabinet or enclosure applications that need supplemental cooling in specific areas. This fan easily snaps onto an existing DIN rail or comes with its own 6-inch rail for easy placement and mounting.

Model number: OD1232-SPOT-DIN (120x32mm) (4.7"x1.25")


Dual Voltage

For worldwide applications, these fans operate on either 115VAC/230VAC.

Available on the following AC Fans Series numbers:
OA825 (80x25mm) (3.15"x1")OA80 (OA80x38mm) (3.15"x1.5")OA92 (92x25mm) (3.62"x1")OA938 (92x38) (3.62"x1.5")OA125 (120x25mm) (4.7"x1")OA109 (120x38mm) (4.7" x 1.5")OA119 (127x38mm) (5"x1.5").


AC Crossaxial Blowers

Provides an even, laminar airflow for applications that require even cooling like printing or displays. Large crossaxial blowers are used as "Air Curtains" in facilities to prevent the influx of outside air through an opening in to a heated or cooled area.

OAB30 Series: (96 – 366mm) (14 – 60cfm)     OAB40 Series: (98 – 366mm) (21 – 70cfm)
OAB50 Series: (98 – 437mm) (24 – 110cfm)   OAB60 Series: (184 – 525mm) (63 – 180 cfm)


Motorized Impeller

Motorized Impellers are designed for applications in electronics and other equipment where high reliability, high airflow, high static pressures, and limited space are primary considerations. Ideal applications include electronic cabinet cooling, telecommunications, air filtration, networking and ventilation systems.

OAB190 (190x77mm) (7.5" x 2.8")  OAB220 (220x71mm) (8.7" x 2.8")


All Metal Construction

Orion’s all metal fans are ideal for military, chemical, process control and industrial applications. Because plastic fan blades can be susceptible to severe conditions such as high temperatures or chemical gases, metal fan blades are preferred in harsh environment applications for their durability.

OA80 - metal                OA938 - metal
OA109 - metal              OA119 - metal
OA172SAP - metal       OA172 – metal
OA162 – metal             OA180ANL – metal
OA180AN – metal        OA200AN – metal
OA205AN – metal        OA2543AN – metal
OA225 – metal             OA2547AN – metal
OA280 – metal

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