Orion Fans manufactures and stocks a variety of specialty fans for your specific applications. From spot-cooling to high performance - Orion Fans can deliver the right solution to you...FAST.

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OD7020 Series-70MM fans

70mm Family of DC Fans

By customer requests, Orion Fans introduces its new family of 70mm fans. These 12VDC and 24VDC fans provide 33-60CFM in this popular frame size.

OD7015-12HHB01A Datasheet
OD7015-12MB Datasheet
OD7020-12HB Datasheet
OD7020-12HHB10A Datasheet
OD7025-12HBXC Datasheet
OD7025-12HBXC01A Datasheet
OD7025-12HHB10A Datasheet
OD7025-24HHB Datasheet
OD7025-24MB Datasheet

Sealed Sleeve

A less expensive alternative to ball bearing fans, our sealed sleeve series of fans provide comparative life expectancy at a significant lower cost.

Sealed Sleeve Sales Sheet

OD1225 Sealed Sleeve Datasheet
OD1238 Sealed Sleeve Datasheet
OD4010 Sealed Sleeve Datasheet
OD4020 Sealed Sleeve Datasheet
OD6025 Sealed Sleeve Datasheet
OD8025 Sealed Sleeve Datasheet
OD9225 Sealed Sleeve Datasheet

SpotCool DIN Rail

Available only from Orion Fans, the new SpotCool DIN rail mount fan is the ideal solution for cabinet or enclosure applications that need supplemental cooling in specific areas. This fan easily snaps onto an existing DIN rail or comes with its own 6-inch rail for easy placement and mounting.

Model number: OD1232-SPOT-DIN (120x32mm) (4.7"x1.25")

Dual Voltage

For worldwide applications, these fans operate on either 115VAC/230VAC.

Available on the following AC Fans Series numbers:
OA825 (80x25mm) (3.15"x1"), OA80 (OA80x38mm) (3.15"x1.5"), OA92 (92x25mm) (3.62"x1"), OA938 (92x38) (3.62"x1.5"), OA125 (120x25mm) (4.7"x1"), OA109 (120x38mm) (4.7" x 1.5").

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