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Orion Fans manufactures a broad selection of AC fans, DC fans, blowers, fan trays and accessories to meet your specific application. If your design requires special packaging or a particular cooling air path, or your application requires low noise or high fan performance, contact us for application specific solutions. Our design engineers are always available to provide you with quick and efficient responses.

Orion Fans in NurseriesAquariums/Nurseries

Important for increasing air circulation, reducing heat and lowering humidity, our waterproof fan models OD6025, OD8025, OD9225, OD1225 & OD1238 are ideal for aquariums or nursery applications.

View answers to frequently asked aquarium fan questions.

Orion Fans in Automotive ApplicationsAutomotive

In addition to cooling systems for the cars, Orion Fans supports a wide range of automotive applications including diagnostic equipment for engines, transmissions, truck cabs, and brakes.


Orion Fans in Appliance ApplicationsAppliances

Orion fans and fan trays cool and circulate air, increase functionality and maximize energy efficiency in appliance applications including refrigeration units, convection ovens, dryers and venting ducts over stove ranges. Lower your supply chain costs, reduce lead times and minimize inventory with our fully assembled and tested fan trays.


Cooling Fans for Server RoomsComputer/IT

Designed with flexibility and energy efficiency in mind, our broad selection of fans and fan trays are used to cool server rooms, data centers and computer racks. Our low-noise fan option provides a virtually silent cooling solution while spot cooling fans are designed to eliminate hot spots in enclosures.


Smart Fans for Industrial HVACIndustrial

Ideal for industrial settings, our "smart fan" options provide features like PWM (pulse width modulation) input, thermal and constant speed controls and alarms. Circulating AC and DC fans are used to solve heat stratification problems, dampness, and stagnant air.


Cooling Fans for Medical EquipmentMedical and Laboratory

Orion Fans cool critical equipment for medical electronics and diagnostics used in hospitals, clinics, and emergency care. Our low-noise and special function fans are designed for long life in continuous operation conditions.


Cooling Fans for TelecommunicationsTelecommunications

Critical for maximizing equipment performance, Orion Fans keep telecom equipment running cool. Our fans meet telecom specific requirements for cooling enclosures, server rooms, wide area networks and WiMax transmitters. For telecom applications requiring maximum airflow in nearly sealed, high static pressure environments, view our Vane Axial Series: OD1238VXC, OD9238VXC, OD8038VXC, OD6038VXC.

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