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Orion Fans manufactures a broad selection of AC fans, DC fans, blowers, fan trays and accessories for a variety of markets and applications. If your design requires special packaging, a specific cooling air path, low noise or high fan performance, contact us for application specific solutions. We focus on cooling solutions for these markets and more.


Orion fans and fan trays cool and circulate air, increase functionality and maximize energy efficiency in appliance applications including white goods, refrigeration units, commercial food and dispensing equipment, fryers, ovens, convection ovens, dryers and venting ducts over stove ranges.
• Commercial food equipment, usually an AC fan or AC blower
• Chillers/coolers, use AC blower or Motorized Impellers (normally do not need special functions of DC fans)
• White Goods – directional AC blower is used more for commercial washers


Alternative Energy

Orion Fans are used in a variety of alternative energy applications. High static pressure fans are used in electric cars to keep batteries cool and for cooling inverters
DC fans to keep electronics cool in solar systems and wind turbines



In addition to cooling systems for cars, Orion Fans supports a wide range of automotive applications including diagnostic equipment for engines, transmissions, truck cabs, and brakes.

DC fans for Automotive Applications (click image to enlarge)


Building Automation

Critical for optimizing cooling performance, Orion Fans keep automation controls and equipment running cool. Our fans meet telecom specific requirements for cooling enclosures, and server rooms.
• Cooling environmental controls for buildings, data centers or enclosures - fan trays, larger AC fans or AC blower


Computer / Networking / Telecom / Communications / Servers

Designed with flexibility and energy efficiency in mind, our broad selection of fans and fan trays are used to cool server rooms, data centers and computer racks. Our low-noise fan option provides a virtually silent cooling solution while spot cooling fans are designed to eliminate hot spots in enclosures.
• Cooling switches or enclosures utilize Fan Trays with 48V or 60V DC fans
• For outside applications (base station), or tight enclosures, high static pressure fans are used
• Computer/Networking use Fan Trays or DC voltage-based fans for battery backup operation


Dispensing Equipment

For both indoor and outdoor applications, vending machines and dispensing equipment rely on Orion Fans AC fan and blower products to keep important systems and components cool.
• Cooling electronics, solid state lighting or touchscreen use an AC fan or AC blower


Electronic Enclosures & Panels for Industrial Equipment

Orion Fans Harsh Environment fans and Louvered Filter Fan Kits keep industrial equipment, cabinets and enclosures running cool. Available with IP55-ratings, these fans are designed to withstand moisture and can withstand water jets sprayed from all directions. SpotCool DIN rail mount fans are the ideal solution for cabinet or enclosure applications that need supplemental cooling in specific areas.
• Use larger DC or AC fans to cool machine tool equipment. DC fans are used if customer wants to monitor the fan performance


Cooling Fans for Medical EquipmentHVAC

Built to perform in small to medium size commercial conditioners, Orion Fans AC fans, Motorized Impellers or DC Blowers can be used to cool sensitive electronics and terminal blocks inside the control panel.
Motorized Impellers used on small to medium commercial/residential conditioners


Cooling Fans for Medical EquipmentKiosks / Digital Signage

For cooling computers, touchscreens, LCDs and other sensitive electronic components, Orion AC fans and blowers are used for directional cooling or for just moving air over the ballast or electronics.
• Mainly AC fan or blowers to cool computer, touchscreen, LCD. Depends on whether directional cooling or just moving air over the ballast or electronics is required


Medical Imaging

Orion Fans cool critical equipment for medical electronics and diagnostics used in hospitals, clinics, and emergency care. Our low-noise and special function fans are designed for long life in continuous operation conditions.
• Mainly larger AC fans unless DC fans are used to monitor the cooling performance


Process Control / Industrial Controls / Instrumentation & Automation

Critical for optimizing equipment performance, Orion Fans Harsh Environment fans keep industrial equipment running cool. Available with IP55-ratings, Salt-Fog IP55 ratings, and All-Metal versions, these fans ensure safe reliable operation and extend operating life.
Louvered Filter Fan Kits are used to reduce contaminants and prolong operating life


Transportation / Material Handling Equipment

Whether you are working with a 12V or 24V system, Orion Fans provides standard and custom DC voltage fan solutions fast.
• Use DC fans that are being battery powered and may require a level of noise reduction


Variable Speed Motor Drives & Cabinets

Ideal for industrial settings, our "Smart Fan" options provide features like PWM (pulse width modulation) input, thermal and constant speed controls and alarms.
DC fans used to cool electronics (also high static pressure fans used to move volumes of air)


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